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The sixth new moon is expected to be visible August 27th. info

The seventh new moon is expected to be visible September 25th.  We are looking forward to the Yom Teruah and the moedim of the 7th month.

Yahweh bless,
J. Meyer


Moedim are the appointed times when we come before Yahweh in worship. The Shabbat is a moed that occurs every seven days: sunset Friday through sunset Saturday. Moedim start the sunset before the listed date. Vayiqra (Lev.) 23 presents the moedim. (Dates listed are for the US, other countries watch for local new moon sightings.)

Feast of Trumpets
Yom Teruah - Ethanim 1 – September 26 –

AtonementFeast of Sukkoth
Yom Kippur - Ethanim 10 - October 5

Feast of Tabernacles
 - Ethanim 15-21 – October 10 – 16

Last Great Day
 - Ethanim 22 – October 17

Feast of Dedication
 - 9th Month 25 day - November 18 – December 25

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